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Rocket Dog produces laid back, funky women’s shoes and boots from pumps and heels to sneakers and wedges for youthful, fashion conscious females.

The Rocket Dog story began in 1997, originating in sunny southern California. Two guys with many years’ experience in the footwear field decided to join forces and create their own range of shoes. Inspired by one of the founders’ energetic dog, Max, who greatly enjoyed speedy outings to the beach and racing around in the sunshine, the brand was entitled ‘Rocket Dog’.

The brand encapsulated the laid back ethos of Californian lifestyle, with sandals and wedges taking influences from street and surf styles and became the brand that young females wanted to be seen in.

More than a decade later and Rocket Dog has grown into a globally recognised footwear brand. The transition of the US west coast influences across countries including the UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Benelux, Greece, Israel and Turkey occurred smoothly and the range now covers sandals, pumps, sneakers, heels and boots.

The US based Rocket Dog designers take influences for their creations from all corners of the globe, transfer these ideas into the footwear designs, fabric prints and finishing touches, which all combine to make irresistible footwear for you – our Rocket Dog customer.

As a customer you will notice that our products are lovingly designed and the in-sole fabric, buckles, bows, eyelets, laces and various finishing touches are chosen with care to ensure the product you purchase is one you will never tire of wearing.

If you would like to receive our e-newsletter detailing forthcoming offers, competitions and notification of new products on the Rocket Dog site, please sign up on the homepage. Also, check out Rocket Dog on the following social networking sites; Facebook and Twitter.

Please browse our website to find out more about our huge range of women’s funky shoes and boots, and for any information regarding our pumps, heels, sandals, wedges or any other products in our shop, please feel free to contact us.

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Buying new shoes online is good for you

Buying New Shoes

Ask most women and they’ll tell you buying new shoes is good for the soul. In fact buying shoes has become an emotional experience. Big business is now selling excitement and buzz and the shoes is becoming an afterthought.

But that won’t stop people from hunting down the latest shoes online. Sometimes finding them is half the fun – finding the best deal is often the icing on the cake and adds to the excitement.

Shoes online and what you should think about
The internet has changed the face of shopping and how marketing works. With the new, and often more affordable world of online shopping, buying shoes and clothes online are among some of the most competitively priced items available. However, before you fall in love and buy that absolutely charming pair of shoes you found a great deal on, take a few moments to consider the following tips.

Sizing is not exactly universal
Just because a shoe is listed as a size 7, does not mean it will be the same style of size 7 you are used to. American, European, and Asian all have different scales for sizing.

If you ever look at the tag inside some shoes, such as many athletic shoes, you will notice at least three different sizes listed for the countries they are sold in.

When shopping online it is important that you refer to the sizing chart that most sources make available. If there is any question, contact the seller directly regarding the dimension of the shoe or source for their sizing standards. Some companies even provide sizing charts that you can print off and find the size that fits you in their brand of shoes.

No matter if they give you a comparison list, or exact dimensions, be sure the shoe will fit before you buy to avoid issues with exchanges and return shipping.

Fashion versus fiction function, high heels don’t always follow the rules
It is not uncommon to wear a size 6 in athletic and flats, but to need a size 7 or 8 in heels and other less conventional styles of shoes. The reason is, that while they list as regular sizing, the truth is that the body and design of the heel can make it so that you need a different size.

Each brand of shoes can come with their own variation on sizing, largely due to the styles they create taking a bit of liberty with all aspects of sizing. A shoe may have the sole outline for a 6, but the body and angle make it so that you need a larger size to comfortably fit your entire foot into the shoe.

Generally expect narrow toes and trim bodies to require larger than normal sizes to fit comfortably.

Quality is not always conveyed through a picture
This is even true of name brands you know, not everything a favorite company produces is their best work. This can be especially true when it comes to kids shoes.

When shopping for shoes online, consider the price and the reviews. If you find what looks like a great deal on some beautiful shoes, take a moment to see what others say about them.

If there are no reviews available on the website, enter the shoe’s brand and model name and look for reviews on We have a massive range of shoes from all the major retailers providing great deals.

Aside from creating a more convenient and better priced market, the internet has also made is possible to get a better feel for how well an item will work or last. Millions of people take the time to write at least a few lines about how well, or how poorly an item is they purchased. If time is take to look at some the highest and lowest reviews, you can get a good sense if they are what you are really looking for.

If researching seems like a bit of headache, then a good option is to shop for what you are familiar with. For example, if you only like Sketchers, then only shop through Sketchers or search for that brand.

Some shoe companies even have reward or incentive programs for repeat customers, which can make shopping for shoes online even more cost effective.

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The family business was formed in 2006 and is one of the largest online only selling a wide selection of designer shoes and brands for both genders along with a range for children and a fabulous selection of handbags. We are family owned business focused on a high level of customer service based in Altrincham in Cheshire, so for the best Women’s shoes Men’s shoes and Kids shoes we can’t be beaten.

We operate a no nonsense free return policy on all full price items and free delivery on all orders over £35, this applies no matter how many items you buy as long as you are resident in the UK. Our international delivery is reasonably priced and we send orders out all over the world, so if for some reason you don’t see your country in the drop down then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a major retailer of Fly London and Rockport and have some of the biggest ranges online for these brands. With nearly 100 collections of footwear and bags on offer there is bound to be something for everyone in our fabulous shoe shop p> Customers Love

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