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Creative Market

Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content like Fonts, Icons, Graphics, Illustrations, WordPress Themes, Website & Print Templates and more, made by independent creatives around the world. They’re passionate about making beautiful design simple and accessible to everyone.

Creative Market first began in 2011 as a venture between Aaron Epstein, Chris Williams, and Darius A. Monsef IV. Epstein, Williams, and Monsef were the co-founders of COLOURlovers, a Y Combinator-backed social network service that provides color inspiration for both personal and professional creative projects. The co-founders recognized that COLOURlovers was in need of a marketplace to help its community members exchange the digital goods they were creating, and hence created Creative Market.

Creative Market’s community members buy and sell creative assets for use in design and marketing projects. Assets include vector graphics, website templates, stock photography, document templates, fonts, and miscellaneous creative goods. As of mid-2015, over 250,000 products were available for purchase on Creative Market.

Creative Market’s content is submitted by its users through “shops.” On behalf of its shop owners, Creative Market handles the distribution, payment processing, support, and assisted marketing for its products. Sellers retain 70% of the sale price on their goods, are not bound to exclusivity agreements with Creative Market, and set their own prices on goods they sell through the platform. The platform also provides sales statistics and a customer-seller messaging system.

As a form of content marketing, the company regularly runs promotions on bundles containing discounted creative goods.

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