About Gnarks

With Gnarks being surfer talk for someone who is a complete nerd, we pride ourselves on knowing how to find the best online deals. Years of experience in online shopping has helped develop methods to quickly hunt down the best retailers and prices for their products.

We’ve collected millions of products along with their details to make it easy when making a purchase. Being informed and knowing you’re getting a great price, including extras like shipping, can really help make you feel comfortable knowing you’re getting a great deal. Just like a famous surf-brand slogan, only a “shopper” knows the feeling!

Online Shopping

We work hard on our site and are always looking to expand into other countries. As word of mouth increased, we expanded our site to include France. Building features like searching, filtering and sorting, we try to make it easy to sift through the millions of products we list.

Our content writers are always updating our “how to buy guides” for products and categories across our site. Tying these buying guides into the relevant merchants is another feature we’ve developed, to try and help make an informed choice before buying online or even in-store as many of our merchants have physical stores. Coupons and deals for our merchants are always being updated too so make sure you check in regularly before making a purchase.

If you cannot find a particular product or have found an issue with our site please contact us and we’ll aim to fix it ASAP. If there’s a product category you’re interested in also please let us know. Large & small appliances, Mens/Womens/Children clothing & accessories, all the major products in Electronics and Beauty are our most visited categories however we’d love to expand the range.